Camila San Martin Ayres

(+49) 0171 9011412 (Born) Brazil (Living) Berlin/Germany

Back in Brazil I worked for several years as Front-End Developer and worked a bit with C#, Java and even Delphi. Because I am a curious person and I like to learn new technologies, I started to use Linux (currently openSUSE + KDE) and got into C++/Qt [1] development. When I moved to Germany I initially had a hard time adapting but then I got a chance to work at Meltwater where I used PHP, Ruby on Rails [2] and AngularJS to develop applications around web and mobile and got to experiment a bit with Go. Later on I started to work for a startup maintaining and developing a Drupal 7 system, where I also learned to appreciate the CSS framework Bootstrap.

In 2016 I worked as a freelance with another CMS called Concrete5. Web Development is where I feel most comfortable, especially in the backend but learning new things or working on mobile is cool, too. And then I worked for Studio Nand [8] in one of their projects with different programming languages: C++, C and Javascript.

On my free time I have been hacking on a project called Popcorn[3], which lets you upload various media and semi-automatically make a movie with it. At first I created a pure PHP application but currently I am making it an Nextcloud app. The video is created with MLT (C based open source multimedia framework). Besides coding, I like to hang out with another free software enthusiastic people, go to meetups about technologies, programming languages and feminists in tech. At home I appreciate a good technical book, watching movies with my husband and petting my dog. Today I feel at home living in Germany.

Work experience

Jan/2018 - now (Berlin/Germany)
Software Engineer at Nextcloud

Working with C++/Qt in the Desktop client.

Aug/2016 - Jan/2018
Software Developer at Studio NAND

Working with OpenGL, C/C++ and Javascript using Qt, openFrameworks and Node.js.

Dec/2015 - Aug/2016 (Berlin/Germany)
Freelance Software Engineer

Worked with Concrete5, Drupal 7, JQuery UI, AngularJS, AEM - (Adobe Experience Manager - using Docker to run local instances of AEM).

Jan/2015 - Nov/2015 (Berlin/Germany)
Software Engineer at publiq Verlag

Developed their Drupal 7 system [4]. publiq Verlag is a publishing house and is a platform for writing articles.

Apr/2013 - Sept/2014 (Berlin/Germany)
Engineering Trainee for Mobile & Self-Service Applications at Meltwater

Programmed in Ruby (Ruby on Rails) on an internal project and in PHP on Ice Rocket [5], also worked on the QA process in a mobile project, using tools like MonkeyTalk and Appium. In the same project I developed in Javascript (AngularJS + PhoneGap) and for unit testing, used Jasmine and Karma.

Sept/2011 - Nov/2011 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
Dev-Tools Support Engineer for Atlassian at E-Core

May/2011 - Aug/2011 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
Google Summer of Code Participant for KDE

Umbrello is a Qt/KDE UML viewer and code generator. I worked on refactoring the code and ported parts from Q3Canvas (Qt 3) to QGraphicsView (Qt 4) [6].

Jan/2011 – May/2011 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
C++ Programmer at HomeSystems

Worked in a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, porting it from C Builder to the C++ Qt Framework.

Jun/2010 - Nov/2010 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
Programmer at ECS Informática

I was part of the team working on updates and giving technical support for websites using the .NET framework.

Jun/2008 - Jun/2010 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
Interface Developer at AG2

Worked on maintaining and developing websites using SEO techniques, HTML, CSS and Jquery. The backend was in C#.

Dec/2006 - Jun/2008 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Production Manager at Prumos Interativa

Jun/2005 - Jun/2008 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Webmaster at Prumos Interativa

I worked in HTML and CSS on the UI of websites that later would be integrated with the web applications (JSP/Java) developed by the company.

Aug/2004 - Mar/2005 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Technical Support at A & G Calçados Ltda.

Mar/2004 - Aug/2004 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Internship at Politechnical College of the Federal University of Santa Maria

Sept/2003 - Dec/2003 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Delphi Programmer at N.A Malhas Ltda

Developed an application in Delphi to manage the store inventory.


Feb/2009 - Aug/2011 (Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil)
Course of Analysis and Systems Development at Faculty of Technology SENAC

Vocational Qualifications of Technological Level: Computer Programming and Systems Analysis.

2002 - 2004 (Santa Maria - RS/Brazil)
Technical Course in Informatics at Polytechnical College of the Federal University of Santa Maria


May/2014 - May/2016 (Berlin Germany)
Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance [ScrumMasterCamilaAyres.pdf]


Portuguese (mother tongue), English (fluent) and German (beginner).

Talks, Presentations

Jul/2014 (Germany)
Meltwater TechTalk: Meltwater Mobile App - how we test it.

Apr/2014 (Croatia)
openSUSE Conference: Workshop Ruby on Rails for beginners. [7]

Nov/2010 (Brazil)
VII Latinoware: KDE needs you: how to become involved.

Jul/2010 (Brazil)
FISL (International Free Software Forum): KDE Lovelace.

Jul/2010 (Finnland)
Akademy (annual world summit of the KDE community): Highlights of KDE Women 2010 and BoF Session Encouraging Women into KDE.

Oct/2009 (Brazil)
Workshop on the research Project: Ubiquitous Control System (Scientific Initiation) at the III Exhibition of Scientific Initiation and Academic Week at the Faculty of Technology SENAC and Ubiquitous Control System Project presentation at the XXI Lounge Scientific Initiation at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.